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You are at the right place if you have been dreaming of a timber home for years...

You are also at the right place if you need accommodation for a parent or student or staff...

With over 25 years' experience, we know that the best solution for modern living requirements is building with timber - tell our in-house architect design team what you need...
A house is not simply a place where you find refuge from the elements. At the same time, we must not fight nature, but design to enhance and use the environment to create an intelligent living space with a footprint you can be proud of in all ways!

Modern timber - curio shop AfriskiLakeside Log HomeCustom Wooden cabin - bridal suite Factory_pre-manufacture_1to1  

IS YOUR REQUIREMENT A...                                  
- new home
- granny flat                                                               Many thanks for excellent service ~ PE, Feb 2015
- student housing
- units to rent                                                             Stunning looking cabin - Well done to The Log Home Factory!!!  
- staff accommodation                                                                      ~ David June 2014                 
- holiday home at the beach or in the bush
- lodge development on the farm                                "I am happy with our communication and the presentation 
school or class rooms                                                  of everything. Very professional indeed."  Client, Oct 2014
- offices, gallery, stables or salon                              
- anything else?                                                          
                                                                                   Thanks Braam, much appreciated, we are very happy with your
                                                                                       teams quality of work and I will recommend you highly.  
                                                                                                                                     ~ Pat, 03 June 2014

- natural = eco-friendly
- available
- ideal for pre-manufacture
- durable
- lightweight
- transportable 
- flexible for many applications
- spans over unstable land/areas
- simply beautiful!

Consists of 4 phases and described on the following pages.
We have found it is best to follow the process, even if it takes a bit more time.
We do this together with you, in order to provide the best design and end result possible, within a managed budget.
Please read on...
We look forward to discussing your project, your budget, your requirements and ideas !

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